• How to return a product?

Lagmall offers the maximum of 2 calendar days after delivery to indicate your intention to return all products sold directly by us via phone call to our customer care helpline. For all vendors utilizing the lagmall platform, individual return policies may be attached to their product. The right to utilize our return policy expires after the given time period and products will no longer be accepted. The following procedures are to be followed when returning a product:

Make sure your products meet all the return requirements

Send a mail to

The subject should be about returning the product

Submit the respective product you want to return with the necessary details

  1.    The order number
  2.    The name of the product

Submit or send the mail wait for a reply via email

Arrange the item appropriately for return; after it has been retrieved by a Lagmall attendant a quality check is performed and the item is then corrected.

– Returning must take place at the same location of pick up

  • Conditions required for returning a product:

Products must be unused and in a good condition. The packaging must be intact. Proof of payment must be intact(invoice). Return form must be attached to the product.

Once the product has been returned, a quality check will be performed. If successful the product will be exchanged/replaced with the proper item/product. If unsuccessful there will be no replacement of the product and it will be returned as it was received.

Below is the format for the conditions that might warrant you to return already ordered products:

Category Wrong product Customer changed mind Damaged item
Fashion & Clothing Accepted Not accepted Accepted
Beauty & cosmetics Accepted Not accepted Not accepted
Shoes & Sneakers Accepted Not accepted Accepted
Underwear Accepted Not accepted Not accepted
Accessories Accepted Not accepted Accepted
Gadgets Accepted Not accepted Accepted
Perfumes Accepted Not accepted Not accepted

When returning a product, pickup locations for the return of a product/item is the same as the location allocated for the delivery; if different please indicate while filling the return form.