Lagmall Black Friday!!

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Lagmall Black Friday is here again!! I’m hoping you’re as excited as I am.  Why should you be excited? Here’s why!
You’re sure to get the best deals on products at the lowest prices and right here on Lagmall, we’ve got products for everyone (students, adults and even children), so no one is left out. I’m sure you’ve got a lot of questions to ask, do not worry, I’ll be answering all of it. Let’s go!

So What really is Lagmall Black Friday?

When we say Black Friday at Lagmall, we’re talking 4 back-to-back weeks of discounts. Super amazing, unbelievable and mouth watering discounts on any products you’ll be buying from us, and this you can’t get anywhere else!

Why should I shop during Lagmall Black Friday?

Here’s why you should, you’ll be getting amazing products at the cheapest prices, that way you save more, when you buy more. I wonder who doesn’t love shopping for more products.

When will the Black Friday Sales on Lagmall commence?

The Lagmall Black Friday campaign runs every Friday of the month of November – 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th!

Will Lagmall Black Friday be run only on Fridays?

Absolutely not! We want you to be able to buy your preferred products at the very cheap prices you love, every day of the week during the Black Friday period. But the BEST deals are definitely on Fridays!!


So what deals are really going to be available on Lagmall Black Friday?

Here are some of the deals that would be yours during the Black Friday:

  • 20 – 30% discounts off every products purchased on Lagmall everyday!
  • A special promo during a 4-hour period from 12pm to 2pm and 6pm to 8pm every Friday where you get:
    • Up to 40% off laptops, iPads, phones & tablets, home appliances, electronics and gadgets.
    • Up to 60% off fashion & clothing items, shoes & footwear and home decors.
    • Up to 75% off accessories, phone accessories, watches, bags, necklaces and bracelets.
    • Then Ultimately, a search hunt for special products with a single stock unit per item offered at a whopping 90% discount for only an hour from 1pm to 2pm every Friday Yeah! You heard that correctly.

Will there be Giveaways during Lagmall Black Friday?

Yess!!! We’re going to have weekly games on our Instagram Page from Wednesdays to Fridays and winners of our weekly games would get coupon codes that offers them a 40 – 75% discount on their purchases.

What is the limit on the amount of goods that can be bought during Lagmall Black Friday?

There are no limits at all! You can shop as much as you want and still shop some more. No limitations!

Do I need to pay anyone before getting any deals?

DISCLAIMER: Do not pay anyone for any of the aforementioned deal. As all deals offered by Lagmall are completely free. The deals would be placed on the products available on the site, all you need do is place an order fast to get your items in your cart and choose your preferred payment method. You’ll have your goods delivered at the speed of light!

If I miss the Lagmall Black Friday, can i continue to shop on the site?

Oh! Most definitely. You can continue to shop with us even after the Lagmall Black Friday campaign. We offer the best prices on our products coupled with excellent customer service and fast delivery. You have no reason at all not to shop with us.

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